Our Training Program

The Hawkesbury Dog Agility Club (HDAC) runs five different classes at each training session. Our club uses positive motivational training methods, which are based on a cooperative approach.

Our BEGINNER class runs for eight weeks and will teach you and your dog some agility basics including handling skills, jumps and tunnels.

RED class is an eight week course which will build on and develop the handling skills learnt previously. You and your dog will learn how to do the weave poles and some contact obstacles safely and confidently.

GREEN class is an eight week course which will continue to build and develop new handling skills. Your dog will master all the contact equipment and begin to put them into more complex sequences.

BLUE class is designed for our members who have grasped the basics and are ready to extend themselves and prepare for trialing their dogs in competition.

SILVER class gives our members who are trialing the chance to hone their handling skills and experiment with different course styles and complexity. These classes are run by some of our most successful club members who have years of experience and many competition titles.

Throughout the year, our club instructors will promote members to the next class should they feel that they are ready to progress with their agility training. This promotion will include an assessment where members will need to demonstrate they have a clear understanding of the skills taught in their current class.

Entry is via Gate 4 to the Dog Arena
Classes are held on Wednesday evenings

Entry is via Gate 4 at Hawkesbury Showground, Racecourse Road, Clarendon.

Our beginner classes (Intro, Red and Green) start from 6:30pm in time for set up of courses and equipment. Classes will start at 7pm sharp and will run for an hour until 8pm.

All club members are asked to allow adequate time to sign in, walk and toilet your dogs, set up your crate and ensure you are ready to assist with set up prior to class starting times.

Our advanced classes (Blue and Silver) start from 7:30pm in time for set up of courses and finish at 9:30pm.

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