Information for Members

Member Resources

On this page, members of the Hawkesbury Dog Agility Club will find useful resources, club information, forms, important links and more.

Wet Weather

In the case of wet weather, HDAC members should refer to the Facebook training group for cancellations and other updates.

Club Forms

The Yellow Ribbon Policy

If a dog is wearing a yellow ribbon, it means you must maintain a 3 lead length distance from that dog (approx 4m). Ribbons may be worn by dogs that are nervous, timid, recovering from surgery, recovering from a bad experience, don’t work well with other dogs in close proximity or simply need less distraction while they are working. It does not necessarily indicate that the dog has an aggressive nature, as many young and over-excitable dogs may also need extra space to learn new skills. For more information, visit The Yellow Dog Project.

Crate Training

At the Hawkesbury Dog Agility Club, it is important for all dogs to learn and enjoy crate training. Dogs that enjoy being in their crate are given wonderful opportunities to rest between training sessions in a safe and relaxing space. All members are expected to crate their dogs during training nights to allow members to assist with course set up and pack down safely. Crate training your dog also provides you with a secure place to station your dog while you focus on training information and discussions.

Safe nails during sports and exercise

When was the last time your dog had a manicure? Not only does regular nail trimming make your dog look and feel better, there is also a serious side to ensuring your dog’s nails are kept short and tidy – especially if they are participating in agility. Long nails can impact your dog’s posture and their ability to move freely. If your dog’s nails are too long, it may affect your dog’s ability to land and maneuver agility courses safely.

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